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#1 in Google in three weeks! I've been an amateur webmaster for a year now with relatively no traffic. After joining Article Underground, watching many of the training videos, learning about keyword research and using the article announcement blogs to build links, I have two sites on the front page of Google, one at #1! Thanks Mike, I thought this was going to be just another one of those empty promises you find all over the internet, but this is the real deal. Now I have the confidence to go and build as many sites as I can, become debt-free and quit my day job!!

Article Underground Member Shawn Swisher

"I really want to thank you Mike. Since I have been a member of your fantastic membership site, my entertainment site has gone from about 25 visitors a day to over 700 per day. The best part is I was making from $0 to &50 per month a few months ago. This month I am going to make almost $3000 and my health site is starting to kick in too. Aint life grand? Thanks Mike"

Article Underground Member Neil Gerstein

The Article Underground private members forum is loaded with success stories and case studies!

Over 1,000 Satisfied Members can't be wrong!

Hi, this is Mike Liebner and I want to personally thank you for stopping by and visiting us!

I'm happy to be able to offer yet another set of quality keyword optimized articles along with the many benefits that an Article Underground membership provides.

I can't thank everyone enough for supporting me and the concept! I'll do my best to insure that each and every member is satisfied and gets their money worth! The numbers may be growing, but as you know, the article sets will never be sold to more than 350 members! The moment a set hits 350 memberships or downloads - it is retired! That keeps the value high for each and every member!

If you're new here, I invite you to look over the features. You get so much more than simply great WORDS! You get a community of like minded people and the tools to help you get top rankings, lots of traffic and the ability to generate a sizeable income! I'm always here to help!

Well respected internet marketing and SEO professionals
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"Your Article Underground system is without a doubt one of the most worthwhile and effective revenue-generation membership sites I have ever had the privelege to be a part of. Your simple formula of "words + links = money" is at the very heart of success online and although part of me wants to shout from the rooftops and tell the world about your great articles and traffic system, the other part of me wants to keep it an 'underground' secret! I've lost count of the amount of money I've made using your articles but we're talking thousands of dollars without question - if anyone is starting out online then the place they should come to first is Article Underground, it's that simple.""

Michael Cheney,

Michael Cheney

"If you want to literally "ban proof" your web site and make long term money, Article Underground will show you how. They've done the research and the writing. They show you how to get links and traffic in just a few days. What more could you ask for? I'm convinced... if you can copy 'n paste text, you can make money with the Article Underground."

Michael Campbell

Author of three best-selling marketing books
and the Internet Marketing Secrets newsletter.

Michael Campbell

"Congratulations, Mike, on creating such a valuable resource. It's no wonder you have such a loyal following... the service is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get easy traffic and monetize it. Recently I had 3,926 visitors in just ONE DAY to a site I built using only unedited PLR content... so PLR articles work! Article Underground is a truly exceptional system for making money from Private Label Articles. To my knowledge, there's no other system offering 400 keyword-rich articles per month PLUS 25 high PageRank blogs (that you can use to link to your sites) AND a forum bursting with helpful people sharing tips, tricks and advice."

Neil Shearing, Ph.D.,

Neil Shearing

"Mike, You have by far the best Private Label Rights membership I've seen. You give your customers so much more than just top-quality articles--you give them the tools they need to get those articles indexed by the search engines and earning money fast! If that wasn't enough, I'm always getting outstanding articles and videos from you that continue to educate members on how to improve their skills (and their bottom line). Thanks so much for all that you do for the AU!"

Jonathan Leger,

Jonathan Leger

"I collect a lot of PLR content. Why? Because it's profitable and it saves me time and money. However, there's a wide range of quality when it comes to PLR articles. I've found that many other sources churn out "junk articles" month after month, written by writers who simply don't have a good grasp of the English language (or copyright laws for that matter). But I've found that Article Underground is an EXCELLENT place to get your PLR articles, and their articles stand out above the crowd. Michael employs an entire team of professional writers, and you can be assured that you will receive well written articles on interesting topics each month. I highly recommend Article Underground."

Eric Holmlund,

Eric Holmlund
"Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that your Article Underground is one of the more useful and effective membership sites out there. Not only do you make sure all your members are well supported, you go the extra mile making sure they get the most out of their membership with new videos and content consistently updated. Not to mention the super-fresh PLR articles you have are top quality and excellent content for sites. But the big thing I REALLY like is all your blog sites you allow your members to use for quality back links... That's the icing on the cake making your membership worth every dime for the value AU members get in return. I know I'm glad to be a member with all that you offer."

Michael Nicholas,

Michael Nicholas

How much MONEY can YOU make with this incredible
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Limited Quantity - By Invitation Only.

$97. per Month.
* 350 is the max number of members per article set
Hurry this will sell out fast - I can't guarantee I will continue with this exact offer!


delivered to you fresh every month
+ our Innovative Traffic System to announce your article URL's!

Article sets will never be sold to more than 350 members!

The articles are only part of it! We help you get traffic too!

The Article Underground membership includes a BRAND NEW set of PLR Articles, never to sold to more than 350 members, plus new article sets are relased on the 16th of every month!

Special Deal!


Let's show you what you'll get for your $97. each month as a member
(plus tell you about some other cool things about Article Underground!)

Instead of simply telling you the zillions of things you'll possibly accomplish with our system (such as how many babes will be in your hot tub and how many cars you'll have in your driveway), we'd prefer to tell you exactly what you'll find immediately after you sign up.

star 400 high traffic low competition exact keyword phrase optimized articles of at least 400 words. These files have file names that tell you exactly what words the article was optimized for, generally between 1 and 3% keyword density. No guessing or having to run through software to know what to optimize your web pages for! Never more than 350 members per article set!

Sign up today and start building sites that will make you money!!!

star Flexible terms and conditions allows you freedom to slice and dice the articles and add your own links and/or your own writing credits.

Our articles allow you the flexibility to use the content in many different creative ways! Put 1 article on a page or a half an article on 2 pages! Put 5 or 10 on a page... put excerpts from the articles and point to other pages... YOU have the power! Use the articles in creative ways! There are a million and one ways to do it! How will you use them???

star Extensive Keyword Research profiling high traffic, high bid per click, low competition keyword phrases (you'll love our list of researched and filtered 4 word plus phrases! Hey - it's so easy to get top rankings with these words it's almost like shooting fish in a barrel!). You'll get raw lists of what our writers use to select articles, plus .CSV spreadsheet files of our most important research missions so you can see exactly how much traffic, what the bids are and how low the competition is! Sprinkle some of the phrases from our keyword research onto your article pages to add even more possibilities to snag free search engine traffic!

star Article Announcements Traffic System - as a member you'll have complete writing and posting privileges to announce your article URL's on a network of 24 high quality web sites (+ lots of member contributed announcements blogs too!), covering broad & specific niches, plus general topics. We'll thoroughly guide you to employing the secret and little known weapon of matching TITLES and TEXT LINKS to get a leg up on the competition and have your pages make a beeline straight to the top of the search engine rankings. You'll never again underestimate the power of text links when properly matched with relevant titles!

Even beginners can find out how easy it is with our traffic system to get your pages indexed and spidered fast PLUS see almost instant traffic and rankings! Our traffic system is a one of a kind solution that is worth the price of the membership on it's own!

Some members even buy their memberships just to get all the linking power from our 22 high traffic blogs! To them, the articles are the icing on the cake!

Also, members have contributed announcement blogs as well, so you'll get even more linking power than just the 22 AU blogs! Join us and you can add your own blogs!

Could you use some text links to your deepest inside real content web pages??? Article Underground offers the ideal solution to get you traffic fast!

star Customized keyword research & articles - your input (privately or in the forum) gives us the direction for future research and articles. Need articles and keywords on backpacking and camcorders that have high traffic and profit potential? Simply tell us what you want and we'll get our writers focused in that direction! We listen to what the members want!

star Special Reports, Tutorials & Videos - Article Underground videos show you exactly what you need to do to become successful!

Hopefully you'll be focused on keeping busy making money with our articles and burning through the 5 steps over and over again, but if you do check out the special reports, tutorials and videos I know you'll be happy with the thorough step by step video tutorials and insightful explanations of strategies on how to get traffic and make money with articles.

I'm happy to share insights on the features of the members section and the tools I use and how to get the most from them. I will also regularly supply you with information on important topics related to articles, text links, traffic and such.

One such strategy I will explain is what I call "building utility sites" that will help you get lots of text links so your web pages have the power to rank high. That's a monster strategy I will only share with members! There are more!

star Elite Article Underground Forum - Members Only Community - in the short time since we've introduced our membership, our forum already has the internet buzzing with accolades. Our community rocks!

Well respected internet marketing professionals are hanging out and absorbing the "VIBRANT" and "POSITIVE" environment! Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned pro, the forum is loaded with tips, secrets and advice from some of the net's most trusted professionals!

In addition to all the great people spending time in the forum, I too will personally be there with answers, comments and suggestions! I will do everything I can to foster a community where members will continue to be be contributing thoughts, ideas and success stories without fear of the general public catching on.

Only members will ever get inside to see the forum. Membership does have it's benefits!

star Well organized members section - I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of joining something only to have to waste time trying to find all the stuff they promised. That sucks! It won't happen here because the members area will be easy to figure out PLUS I'll make sure that your WELCOME PACKAGE has thorough instructions on how to get the most from the system. Since my major theme here is STOP WASTING TIME, I'll make sure everything is clear and easy to follow! Everything you see on the sales page and bonus page will be clearly labeled and easy to find!

star Huge members only 75% discount off all additional Article Underground limited release article packs - If you still want more articles, as a member you can receive our additional publicly available limited release article packs or mega packs for a 75% discount off the regular prices ($39.95 article packs will be yours for just $9.95 as a member - or $119.85 mega packs will be yours for for the $29.95).

star Lots of Article & Traffic Generation Related Bonuses - we hope you won't join for these bonuses, but we're sure you'll be very pleased with our extras! You'll get more packs of articles to use on your web sites, PDF's, eBooks, Software to put articles on pages, tools and more! Only good quality stuff we know you'll find useful, not the typical junk others stuff at the end just to sell you. I hope you don't get too distracted with this stuff and stray off course! There is some meaty stuff in there! See Bonuses if you have an extra minute, but don't get too distracted.

How much money can YOU make with this incredible
one stop content & traffic solution??? Watch this video!

star Do you have web sites that need real content?
star Could you use professionally written exclusive &
original exact keyword phrase optimized articles?

star Danger - Warning - Webmaster SEO Alert! star

FACT: Google, Yahoo and MSN are banning web sites in record numbers.
Human quality control reviewers are wiping out entire networks and even putting some online marketers out of business!

Do your web sites have any trace of content that could possibly get you banned?
Mine did... BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!
Protect your web sites
and make them BAN PROOF!

The SEO game is changing...
it's time to adapt with real content.

Are you going to take a chance they may ban you, or are you ready to make a move and fight back with real content??

Announcing the Article Underground Content & Traffic System

Article Underground's exact keyword phrase optimized articles are written by 18, er now 36 professional Ghostwriters exclusively for our limited group of members.

Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers

This talented and diverse group of Ghostwriters, combined with our
outstanding keyword research and traffic system are our secret weapons!

Our articles are NOT simply based on broad topics, but are tightly focused on
high profit potential exact keyword phrases

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A personal message
from Mike Liebner

An Article Underground membership includes so much more than just great keyword optimized articles!

1. PLR Articles- the ONLY articles available that are actually optimized for keyword phrases that can easily rank on top!
2. 24 Announcement Blogs - text links help get your article pages indexed fast and help you gain relevance to rank on top with ease!
3. Keyword Research - our keyword research is the best and helps you discover secret keywords that rank so much easier with higher profitability!

The year is 2006 and Google, Yahoo and MSN are blacklisting garbage content sites faster than button pushing SEO's can build them. Garbage content just doesn't cut it anymore. Hundreds of "quality control experts" are performing web searches and banning entire web sites at the push of a button. They're taking pleasure in removing thousands of junk pages from their ever growing bloated indexes. There is only so much room on their servers and hard drives, something's gotta give and the junk is the first to go.

And I'm not talking about a PENALTY, or drop in ranking - the search engines are aggressively removing complete sites from their indexes. Then they follow the trail and wipe out entire networks of cross-linked sites!

Boom! Any trace of spamliness on a web site and NO more free search engine traffic!

I KNOW - I've had as many as 20 sites disappear in one day! Ouch! That hurts!

I don't know about you, BUT I'm getting tired of spending time building and re-building sites on new domains, just to keep the money coming in... it sucks!

Any guru will tell you it's a waste of time to build sites
that get banned.
Or at least they SHOULD tell you!

In order to make lots of money in the long run, we need to create and KEEP multiple streams of revenue flowing in and cumulatively growing exponentially.

That doesn't happen when sites get banned! It's time to make your sites ban proof!

What is a garbage site? It's whatever the search engines want it to be. There are no published rules. Any site that they don't want in the top ten can and will get flushed down the toilet if it contains anything that can be considered spammy. That may include "scraped" content like search engine results, directory results, news and content "borrowed' from other web pages.

Scraping, or "borrowing" content from other web pages may not only be unethical, it just doesn't work anymore. It's a waste of time.

Why waste your valuable time building 10, 20 or 30 or more web sites to just make $5. or $10. a day for a short time, only to have to start all over again when those web sites get blacklisted.

I've tried that... it's not only BORING it doesn't work for the long haul. And it's emotionally draining when you see your sites get banned and drop to zero or little traffic.

Huge scraped content sites with software generated pages can also get banned because the search engines are aggressively implementing filters that send up a red flag when out of the blue a new web site appears with 100's or 1,000's of pages. In the blink of an eye a new site with 1,000's of pages will very likely get put on the hit list of the human spam reviewers. It's not natural for a site to appear with that many pages and they'll catch it and ban the domain if it has any trace of automated pages. It's just not organic to build up a site with that many pages that fast, and they know it.

The word is getting around... The old ways of pushing a button and creating thousands of junk pages just doesn't work anymore.

There is a panic among webmasters trying to save their web businesses from going under.

Opportunistic programmers are having a feeding frenzy and are hard at work trying to capitalize on all the sadness by offering more newly created junk programs that automate building garbage sites and tricking the search engines.

It's a never ending cycle of spending money on temporary solutions. Band aid fixes that aren't viable long term. If you try to trick them, they will eventually catch on. Usually sooner, than later...

How long before the search engines get wise to the latest batch of dirty tricks???


If you want your web pages to rank in the top ten for high traffic big payout keywords and STAY THERE, you need real valuable unique content that isn't going to get banned.

Are you ready to rise above the pack and adapt to what the marketplace is demanding???


Are you ready to work smarter, not harder, and invest in your long term future instead of spinning your wheels?

Let the black hat SEO's work harder as they continue to try and find ways to cheat the system using scraped content, recycled garbage content and all manner of trickery??? Let them fight over the recycled overused garbage articles from the public article directories.

I'm not here to judge you and tell you what you are doing is wrong - I'm here to tell you there is a better way! A simple elegant system that is ethical AND can make you much more money in the short run and most importantly the long term.

The answer is using real valuable unique content.

Who cares what the competition does - now you've got a secret weapon!

Special Deal!

Limited Quantity - By Invitation Only.

$97. per Month.
* 350 is the max number of members per article set
Hurry this will sell out fast - I can't guarantee I will continue with this exact offer!


delivered to you fresh every month
+ our Innovative Traffic System to announce your article URL's!

Article sets will never be sold to more than 350 members!

The articles are only part of it! We help you get traffic too!

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System
will help you build ban-proof web sites that make you money!

Introducing the Article Underground Content & Traffic System!!!

It's time for a change! There is no substitution for REAL VALUABLE CONTENT! And it's easier than you may think to become a valuable content publisher!

Machine generated garbage sites with scraped content come and go, real content sites last forever! Content REALLY is KING!

Article Underground presents a system so elegant
and so simple it really is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5!

5 simple steps that take between 5 and 10 minutes.

The secret is to repeat the steps over and over till the money comes rolling in!

And it will, because the test of time has proven that PUBLISHING REAL VALUABLE CONTENT is the best way to make money on the net!

It's consistently the most successful long term business model in internet marketing!

How can that be? Only 5 simple steps??? Really???

YES! REALLY! My goal is to help you stop wasting time on the little things and I believe you will embrace this simple philosophy once you discover for yourself that with the Article Underground Content & Traffic System you don't need to waste time analyzing and over-analyzing what you should be doing.... we do all the research and analysis for you! Our keyword profitability research streamlines the process and helps you to ONLY focus on what makes money. And that my dear friend is PUBLISHING REAL CONTENT WEB PAGES! You will quickly and easily be publishing real valuable unique content web pages featuring exact keyword phrase optimized articles that have been researched to have tremendous opportunity to get traffic and make money.

Diverse articles with exact keyword phrases of all types - one thing in common - they get traffic!

And don't worry that the PLR Articles will be un-original, contain copied sentences or paragraphs, be dull, boring or lacking in keywords like most other articles available out there. Article Underground articles will not be stale scholastic essays that that the Essay writing companies are peddling. You won't be getting packs of encyclopedia style articles on obscure topics like Siberian Mask Collecting or How to Play Chess. Give me a break! Try to find a profitable keyword phrase in those packs of articles! Good luck!

Article Underground articles are ready to publish immediately. No tweaking is necessary (unless you want to). The articles are already search engine optimized for keywords that really have potential! No extra work is required to fix them.

Why waste time FIXING the other JUNK articles that are out there??? Stop wasting time!

Have no fear - our articles are made available exclusively to members and most importantly written from the ground up optimized for high bid per click exact keyword phrases that have been researched and determined to have huge potential to get lots of traffic and make good money with little to no competition!

Our writers may be good, but a huge part of our secret is the KEYWORD RESEARCH! Our articles all feature exact phrases that have huge profit potential!

Imagine the potential profits you can make with 400 exact keyword phrase optimized articles delivered to you every month! How many pages do you want to add to your sites??? How many new sites would you like to build???

There is one thing that the button pushing auto site generators have right - the more web pages you have indexed by the search engines, the more money you will make. However, their system is flawed because their sites are destined to get banned. Articles however are real content and live forever. With PLR Articlesevery month you could build a publishing empire in no time!

Our system helps you build sites that feature REAL CONTENT and are virtually BAN PROOF! That's the key! And real UNIQUE content web pages CAN dominate the top ten rankings on the search engines because they feature valuable content that will zip by with approval from the human reviewers!!! No worries of getting banned for using scraped or borrowed content!

So, back to the 5 simple steps...

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System takes you back to the basics and helps you focus on the important things that really make you money.

It is as simple as these 5 easy steps:

1) Select a file from among the 400 monthly exact keyword phrase optimized articles

2) Copy and paste the plain unformatted text into your Web Template

3) Title your page, add a H1 headline or 2 and tweak the page as desired

4) Add a text link on your sites home page and/or other pages (more is better) using the exact keyword phrase the article file name indicates the text has optimized for - ie - our file consumer-credit-counseling.txt would be linked as Consumer Credit Counseling.

5) Announce your article URL using our Traffic System Network so your web page gets spidered and indexed fast by the search engines, and gets noticed with the help of RSS Feeds that will help spread your article announcement virally across the web.

Oh, I know I said 5 steps, BUT there is an important 6th step...

6) Repeat steps 1 through 5 so you can add more streams of revenue to your publishing empire! The more article pages you publish, the more traffic you will get!

It's really that easy!!!

But of course you will be free to slice and dice the articles, tweak them, add your name, add a fictitious name, make snippets, swap keywords, add misspellings, and do whatever you want with them, as long as you don't repackage, giveaway or resell the articles (please read our terms and conditions).

Stop wasting time! Do what's really important and do it a lot!

Special Deal!

Article Underground articles are not simply run of the mill articles - far from it - we provide exact keyword phrase optimized articles written specifically to rank high on the search engines for high profit potential keywords.

Article Underground is here to help you break the top ten en masse by enabling you to save time and work smarter by utilizing high quality exact keyword phrase optimized articles that are NOT available to the public.

With Article Underground at your side, your real content keyword dense web pages will rise above the competition and dominate secret high traffic, high profit niches.

Our keyword research is the BOMB! We utilize the latest tools to find hidden high traffic high profit gems that are virtually unknown and have next to no competition. Our keyword research consistently reveals thousands of keyword phrases that we turn over to our staff of professional ghostwriters, who turn out article after article that has every quality that will make your web pages deserving of the top ten tomorrow and long into the future.

FACT: 65 % of the keywords we research from the Overture and Google Keyword Tools don't make the cut. The keywords are simply too competitive with too small of a payoff. We throw them away.

FACT: 35 % of the keywords we research are DIAMONDS begging to be mined! Low competition phrases that offer high traffic and big per click payouts! That's what our articles are written for!

Our limited release articles are written from the ground up by professional writers optimized for the winning exact keyword phrases only. No junk! Just high quality real content articles loaded with the proper density of exact keyword phrases (generally between 1 and 3%) that really have the potential to make big money.

It hasn't taken very long to get some nice thank you emails and testimonials from our members. Here's one that just came in today, less than 5 days after the doors opened for the pre-launch.

There are just so many sites offering private label rights nowadays. With the exception of a few top sites such as Article Underground, I find that the others just don't provide well written articles at all.

The articles I get from AU all sound like they were well researched and written by someone who is an expert on the topic. That's the only quality I feel is worthy of putting on my sites.

I'm glad that you also provide members with a totally unique way of getting our sites indexed very quickly. It's like dipping my sites into a pool of traffic without much effort at all.

On top of all this, you have an active forum where members can get help from each other and yourself on getting their Adsense business up and running successfully.

I've never seen so much support from any site before. Those are big words but Mike you deserve it because you really seem to care for the success of your members.

Gary Huynh

Respected SEO's and internet marketers are also lending their approval.

"My Adsense account in the last 6 months has made it painfully clear that you need to give the search engines what they want. Original Content! I never do testimonials but Article Underground was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Good job! Thanks"

Patrick Dobbs

"Quality content is exactly what I was looking for and you did not disappoint! I am sure my income will increase now and reflect the quality of these articles. Thanks Mike!"

Ian Falcone
Search Engine Optimization


Thank you for cutting thru the "chaff" and creating the best membership site on the web.

I can say that with authority because I've literally joined and canceled 9 others--the 'top' ones--before finally finding yours :). Which, according to my math makes you the top of the top ten!

Keep up the good work and thanks, Charles Brown Vacaville, CA

"Having looked at several PLR article sites, I was understandably sceptical of joining another. But that was before I saw what Article Underground has to offer. All I can say is if you are looking for keyword rich targeted content then look no further! And that's not all - the advice, training and step-by-step guides are second to none and the customer support, from Mike himself, is exceptional. I feel as though I know Mike already and, I for one, won't be leaving!"

Hank Russell

Hank Russell

As an Article Underground Content & Traffic System member you'll receive 400 brand new, never before published, original exact keyword phrase optimized articles that you can put your name on each and every month!

Would you like to add 36 expert writers to your team???

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System membership's included PLR Articles is like adding a staff of 18, er now 36 knowledgeable expert writers to your team!

Article Underground's talented group of 18, er now 36 ghostwriters are spread across the globe with diverse talents & interests. The result is a broad range of informative real content articles that are enjoyable to read. Many of the articles are about unusual, off the beaten path, exact keyword phrases that passed our research filters, that I would never be able to write about in a million years! But they pull it off!

What's also great about having 18, er now 36 writers is that they each have individual areas of expertise. Each one selects the keywords they WANT to write about.

I'm constantly amazed at the keyword phrases they select from our filtered quality research to write about!

Our writers enjoy writing for us! The result is excellent real content that is fun to read!

Another KEY benefit of being a member is that it's your input that dictates the direction our keyword research takes, and sets the tone for what the writers will be writing about. After you sign up privately send me a list of topics or keywords and we'll start researching it and writing articles right away! Need articles with "bicycling exact phrase keywords"??? No problem, we'll research the words that will most likely make money and write the articles for the membership only.

For only $97. a month!!!

Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers

I am consistently thrilled when I proof their articles because I am learning about so many exciting and new topics! I am convinced you'll be thrilled too with the diversity of exact keyword phrases and the quality of the articles!

This talented and diverse group of Ghostwriters, combined with our outstanding keyword research are our secret weapons! Make them yours too!

Stop wasting time! Make more money!

"Most people fail in life because they major in minor things. Success is simple, but it does require certain consistent things each day."
- Anthony Robbins

Let the others waste their time - the Article Underground Content & Traffic System will provide you web ready exact keyword phrase optimized articles that are ready to dominate the search engines.

Simply paste the unformatted plain text articles in your web templates, announce your article URL and sit back and watch as the traffic and profits come rolling in, without fear of the pages getting banned.

Yes, it's really that easy!

You'll be quickly and easily publishing hundreds of fresh high quality REAL CONTENT web pages every month that are virtually ban-proof!

You can make money playing by the rules!

Special Deal!

Limited Quantity - By Invitation Only.

$97. per Month.
* 350 is the max number of members per article set
Hurry this will sell out fast - I can't guarantee I will continue with this exact offer!


delivered to you fresh every month
+ our Innovative Traffic System to announce your article URL's!

Article sets will never be sold to more than 350 members!

The articles are only part of it! We help you get traffic too!

Don't wait! This offer may be changed or withdrawn. Don't take a chance that you will miss out on this exclusive limited membership!

The word is getting around, "article marketing" is a great way to keep your sites from getting banned and dropped from the search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN. It's true, writing articles and publishing them on our web sites can be a very profitable way to make Adsense and Yahoo Publisher revenue, or sell affiliate products. But to really make a lot of money you need 100's and even 1,000's of original articles to make money.

Who has time to write hundreds of articles from scratch???
I don't... Do you???

That's what it takes to stay in the game - you need real content that is BAN PROOF and LOTS OF IT!

One solution has been to scan or even scrape the public article directories and use the same articles that 100's or even 1,000's of webmasters are putting on their web pages. Sure, they may not get banned as easily, but how can they get traffic when 500 or a 1,000 other pages have the exact same duplicate content???

I don't know about you, but as a SEO I don't like to waste my time trying to get a page to rank top ten when there is too much competition, and those other 500 or 1,000 pages with the same publicly reused content makes it next to impossible to get into the top ten, especially for a competitive keyword phrase, much less keep it there!

Aren't you tired of using other peoples recycled garbage or publicly reused and abused articles?

PUBLICLY RE-USED ARTICLES from directories are NOT the best solution!

Does it really make sense to put garbage articles on your sites that aren't even keyword optimized, much less worth reading???

And to top it off, you are forced to include external text links to someone else's web sites, often links to garbage spam sites that in many cases have already been banned by the search engines.

Reused public garbage articles may be a cheap way to put content on your web sites, but it is NOT THE BEST WAY!


is the SMART WAY to put content on your web site
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Article Underground Content & Traffic System offers a viable solution to help you get an edge on all the many 1,000's of webmasters raping and pillaging the public article directories.

Sure, it may be easy to push a button and load your site with 1,000's of publicly available articles, but are you really going to rank top ten and make big money doing that???

Why would you even try to compete against that many other webmasters, unless you didn't have a choice???

But you do have a choice!

Why not put exact keyword phrase optimized articles on your web sites, and speed past the rest of the pack, quite possibly even dominating the top ten listings on search engines for phrases that have good traffic, high click payouts and best of all - VERY LITTLE competition!

I just wanted to take a minute to say WOW! What you have done with is absolutely amazing. Honestly your sales letter doesn’t even do the product justice. I guess if you toot your own horn too loudly people may be put off but let me sing your praises for you.

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Craig Compton, Naples, FL

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We've worked hard and smart to provide fellow webmasters who need REAL CONTENT, a cost effective solution for publishing high quality exclusive content and quickly and easily promote their web pages.

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System is more than simply an incredible source for fresh and exclusive exact keyword phrase optimized articles, the system gives webmasters the opportunity to announce newly published article URL's and start an explosion of traffic with a minimum of effort.

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Our articles contain approximately 1% to 3% keyword density for keywords that have little competition. Many of them are 3 words and longer.

I like to call SEO'ing for 3 word phrases and longer "so easy it's like shooting fish in a barrel!"

It's much easier to get a top ten when there's less competition! But often, less competition means less click money or little to no monthly search traffic. Not the case with our KEYWORD PHRASES!

We ONLY pick the exact keyword phrases that pass through a series of research filters. Software that helps filter out approximately 65% of the phrases and throws them away because they don't meet our criteria.

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Why spend your valuable time fighting 1,000's of other webmasters over highly competitive keywords that don't pay squat, when you can copy and paste 400 keyword rich Article Underground exact keyword phrase optimized articles each month and almost effortlessly get traffic???

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The simplicity of our content & traffic system is mind blowing!

As simple as it is, the possibilities are immense for net entrepreneurs! We've only outlined the SIMPLE STEPS that will help you focus on the money. Experienced SEO's can have a field day creating all manner of content and web sites using our articles, keyword research and traffic announcement network.

It's up to you how you use it - but make no mistake - as an Article Underground Content & Traffic System member you'll be armed with real content and traffic generating tools that will leave your competition in the dust! It's time to get back to SEO basics! Top ten is the goal!

Let the others push a button and generate 1,000's of pages of junk - your exact phrase keyword optimized real content pages will zoom into the top rankings spread over all the search engines bringing in money for a long time, while the banned black hats frantically rebuild their blacklisted sites trying to keep up!

Have you ever heard a SEO rationalize getting banned from Google and saying something like "Google isn't important to be indexed by because they don't have as high of a Click Through Ratio (CTR) as Yahoo and MSN." or maybe "Google doesn't make me as much money... I make more money from traffic from Yahoo and MSN"...

NONSENSE!!! This is key:

1st off Yahoo is on a banning frenzy too... even MSN bans sites (yes).

2nd... Getting a top ten ranking on the world's most popular search engine (Google) can and will bring you a horde of traffic like you've never experienced! Even secondary keywords on Google get a ton of traffic.

While the CTR may be slightly lower on Google referred pages, just imagine the money you'll make when you have TEN or TWENTY TIMES THE TRAFFIC of a top ranking on Yahoo or MSN!!!

I've had servers brought to their knees because of top rankings on Google.
It's a wonderful thing! And you can do it too, but only with REAL CONTENT!

GOOGLE is the MOST IMPORTANT SEARCH ENGINE for webmasters and SEO's to target, because Google currently is the most popular! They deliver the most traffic. Period.

No disrespect to Yahoo and MSN, which are important too, but face it Google is currently the king.

Isn't it time you focused on getting targeted traffic from the world's most popular search engine instead of running away from it??? We're here to help!

There is no need to write off getting a top ten RANKING or two or three on Google anymore! Why not get top tens on ALL the search engines and without the fear of getting banned once you get there???

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System is your secret weapon!

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The Article Underground Content and Traffic System is a terrific value at $97. per month for all kinds of web entrepreneurs - from newbie internet marketers who only want to spend a couple of hours a week, to enthusiastic motivated SEO professionals who really want to make tons of cash fast and are willing to work for it, our system allows you to focus MOST on the things that REALLY MAKE YOU THE MONEY!

Translated: We take you by the hand and show you how to stop wasting time on the little things, and put your efforts on the BIG IMPORTANT things that really get's us results!

So, if you're tired of having sites banned and want to provide real valuable content with your own name on it, the Article Underground Content & Traffic System will make your life easier and your efforts more fruitful.

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The Article Underground Content & Traffic System will be available as a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP for a small group of elite webmasters - never more than 350 members epr article set.

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A personal message
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Article Underground
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That's me, Mike Liebner
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Mike and Milo

How could you not trust that guy,
even animals like him...

Dear Colleague,

I'm really excited about the opportunity to share the incredible articles, in depth keyword research and simple yet effective traffic system with you. I have personally benefited greatly from the time savings having a staff of writers allows. I do love writing myself, but am thrilled that I now have more time to focus on the important things, like making web pages, getting traffic and networking with great minds in the internet marketing community.

If there is one thing I have learned over my many years of experience in internet marketing, it is that by sharing my knowledge with others, that I will receive many times more than what I give in return.

I've sensed the increased level of frustration the recent changes have made in the community, and I hope I can do my part to restore positive thoughts and feelings!

Regardless of your level of experience, I firmly believe this system can work for anyone who applies the simple steps. In the event you encounter difficulty, or do not get the results you expected, I will be there to help get you moving in the right direction.

I sincerely hope that you achieve tremendous success using our articles and traffic tools. I will do everything I can to make sure your expectations are met and the quality of articles will be everything you expect. I will make available my contact information to members so you can communicate with me directly and privately if desired. I'll be there to offer advice, encouragement and make sure you get everything possible out of our system.

I'm confident if you follow my suggestions and stick to the basics and repeat as many times as you can fit into your schedule, that you will achieve success and meet and surpass your goals.


Mike Liebner

Mike Liebner
Creator of the Article Underground Content & Traffic System


If you do NOT buy now I cannot guarantee this offer will be the same tomorrow!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

It's important to me that you are 100% satisfied with your membership.

If the Article Underground Content and Traffic System is not everything that I say it is, then submit a support ticket, and I will refund your most recent membership fee if payment was received within the last 30 days. That's not only a guarantee, it's a promise! I want you to be satisfied! I want this to be the best membership site of it's kind!

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You'll find MORE premium ARTICLES, SOFTWARE, Ebooks and VIDEOS in the BONUS section.

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The Article Underground Content & Traffic System is a terrific value at a monthly subscription fee of $129. (Right now it's still $97. for the phase two special.) It will be very easy to earn back your investment many times over.

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5) How To Build Huge Keyword Lists - helpful videos in case you need to get up to speed fast

6) Website Conversion Secrets - learning course for newbies

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See the list of free videos you get with our PDF special report Words Equal Money

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