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SEO Tutorial Video with Tips on how you can use AUKDAT,
the Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool,
a dynamite free keyword tool that will help you get more traffic to your pages.

Mike Liebner

AU Keyword Density Analzer Tool Tips Video - AUKDAT Tips - MIRROR
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Mike Liebner Tutorial Video - Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool Tips
run time 30 min. 31 sec.

The Keyword Density Analyzer Tool can quickly tell you what words are on your web page and how often they appear. Better yet AUKDAT can also tell how many times 2 word and 3 word phrases appear on your web pages!

This informative "Words = Money" video will show you several applications for this dynamite free keyword tool that are certain to bring more traffic from the serach engines!

Here is the URL for the free AUKDAT keyword tool:

AUKDAT Tool - Keyword Density Analyzer - Blog Linking Tips - Article Underground Special PLR Package

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