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A personal message
from Mike Liebner

Webinar Replay with Brian G Johnson from March 16, 2010

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Special Report Video Library compliments of

(please register above to get my PDF with these videos!)

Video 1 - State of the SEO Address - 13 min. 49 sec.

A discussion of the state of the top 3 search engines and how they can bring us tons of free traffic.

Video 2 - Getting Started with Articles - 5 min. 36 sec.

Step by step tutorial showing how to create article web pages using the Article Underground Content and Traffic System.

Video 3 - Announcing Your Article URL - 11 min 10 sec.

Step by step instructions on how to announce your article URL’s so they will be indexed and crawled by the search engines quickly.

Video 4 - How much money can I make with Article Underground - 10 min. 47 sec.

An exploration of the possible income scenarios that webmasters of varying levels of commitment can set goals for.

Video 5 - Article Marketing and Keyword Research - 8 min. 29 sec.

The role that keywords play in article marketing success.

Video 6 - Article Underground Background & Benefits - 13 min. 57 sec.

I discuss why and how I came up with the idea for Article Underground and how to employ the simple 5 step plan to gain cumulative profits with a long term business model.

Who are these guys???

I'm happy to tell you about myself and my experience, but when it comes to the writers of Article Underground's exact keyword phrase optimized articles, let's just say they are written by annonymous ghostwriters who have agreed to let our members take all the credit and glory for their exceptionally well written articles.

That's me, Mike Liebner
and my trusted advisor Milo.

Mike and Milo

How could you not trust that guy,
even animals like him...

Article Underground's
exact keyword phrase optimized articles
are written by 18 professional Ghostwriters
exclusively for our limited group of members.

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Ghost Writers Ghost Writers Ghost Writers

This talented and diverse group of Ghostwriters, combined with our outstanding keyword research are our secret weapons!

OK, but who is the guy with the dog???

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With Article Underground at your side, your real content keyword dense web pages will rise above the competition and dominate secret high traffic, high profit niches.

So, if you're tired of having sites banned and want to provide real valuable content with your own name on it, the Article Underground Content & Traffic System will make your life easier and your efforts more fruitful.

The Article Underground Content & Traffic System will be available as a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP for a small group of elite webmasters.

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