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Thanks for joining us for this "Words Equal Money" Webinar on Keyword Research with myself, Mike Liebner and special guest Jon Shugart from Keyword Rockstar!

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Keyword Rockstar is NOT available to the general public. It is only available from this page!

Here is the BONUS ZIP LINK for those attending the webinar!

>>> ZIP Download:

Right Click and "save target as"
- size: 2.84 MB

We're glad you joined us for the webinar!

23,145 keywords are contained in the bonus files!

Bonus Files:

bizops - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 1,569, Approximate Search Volume: 4,135,847, Average Cost Per Click $4.75

gps - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 5,799, Approximate Search Volume: 114,473,801, Average Cost Per Click $1.02

health - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 3,929, Approximate Search Volume: 32,134,117, Average Cost Per Click $1.26

high volume - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 4,966, Approximate Search Volume: 133,021,696, Average Cost Per Click $3.37

pets - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 4,007, Approximate Search Volume: 21,058,751, Average Cost Per Click $0.49

science - MatchType: Exact : Keywords Found: 2,875, Approximate Search Volume: 7,092,825, Average Cost Per Click $0.45


The keyword rsearch files are a gift from Mike Liebner and Jon Shugart for attending our webinar on Keyword Research.

More info on the webinar is available at:

The files are "spreadsheets" saved in .csv format and will be best utilized in an application like Microsoft Excel or a similar "spreadheet app". That way you can sort the data which is very powerful!

There are 2 versions of each of the files:

1) raw - data from all 3 maych types (Broad, Phrase and Exact Match)
2) exact - only the "Exact Match" data. This is my personal preference.

The files contain keyword research data from missions run in Keyword Rockstar on May 20, 2010

These keyword lists contain the same kind of data I provide regularly to members and also the writers who write articles for Article Undeground.

There are a lot of things you can do with this data.

You can sort and find keywords to use as seeds. You can also check to see if domains are available. You can also use the data as starting points for new research missions in Keyword Rockstar and other applications.

While it is helpful to have Keyword Rockstar so you can run your own updated missions - you can always open one of our spreadsheets and copy and paste the keywords in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get the most current bid and volume data.

If you are looking to buy domains - I suggest you open one of the spreadsheets and sort the volume and delete all keywords below you minimun threshold and dothe same for AVG CPC.

Then sort and copy and paste the top 500 keywords into notepad - remove the spaces between the words with Find and Replace (replace the space with nothing) and then copy and paste the words into the GoDady bulk tool to see if any of the domains are available.

Aletrnately - you can save time if you own Keyword Rockstar and check for domain availability within Keyword Rockstar itself.

I hope you get some good use out of these keywords - there are a lot of things you can do with this data.

Now get out there and go make some money!

Best wishes for your marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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