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Keyword Research

Not all keywords are considered equal. Some words are simply better!
Article Underground members know which keywords are the best!

At the heart of the Article Underground Content and Traffic System is Keyword Research.

Each and every article is written from the ground up for highly researched keyword phrases that have a likelyhood of not only ranking top ten, but getting lots of traffic AND most importantly high bids when visitors click on ads! Plus as an Article Underground member you will receive raw spreadsheet files with all the keywords we point our writers at! That's valuable information you will have as a member!

Free Download >>> Sample Spreadsheet of Top 150 CPC Keywords for January 2010 (Excel Format Spreadsheet - right click and save to your hard drive - open in Excel or similar) - the highest paying keywords - please note Article Underground members get the complete list of keywords - this is just a sample excerpt of the highest paying keywords (Cost Per Click is high for Adwords advertisers - that means Adsense payouts will be higher too).

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Here are some examples of the kind of research we provide our members.

Keyword Research Tips - Power Keywords Tutorial

1-27-10 - New - The Top 150 CPC Keywords for January 2010 sample list was taken from the original keyword list for members which was trimmed and cleaned to 2,736 of the highest volume and highest Cost Per Click keywords.

The garbage has been trimmed. What remains are the money words!

Use this list to get ideas on what some high paying keywords and topics are (sort by Estimated Avg. CPC) or sort by Global Monthly Search Volume to see what is getting the most traffic from Google right now.

Add keywords to your articles and web pages or create sites for these keywords.

HOT TIP: Lots of these keywords are still available in domain names.

You can rank pretty easy for some of these by simply having the keywords in the domain name! Try buying a domain name or two with high volume keywords in them and then place a few links on the AU Blogs with the domain's target keyword phrases and you'll very likely get some good traffic and rankings!

No good domain names are still available???

I hear people say this all the time - it's simply NOT TRUE - you just need to be creative and add a word or number to the beginning or end and possibilities will open up.

There are a TON of great keyword rich domain names still available for the taking! They're easy to find if you know how!

For example:

Here is a potentially profitable keyword phrase from the latest Article Underground keyword research list:

"telephones for hearing impaired" is a perfect phrase to target for a domain name.

Each click costs about $6.02 for an advertsier and the Global Monthly Search Volume is around 2400

Not bad, eeh??? is taken



are both available (at the time of this writing!)

IF the keyword phrase is NOT AVAILABLE as .com, .net, .org or .us - simply add something extra to the beginning or end of the phrase.

It could be your name, a number, a word like best, top, new, hot or whatever you like - it'll most likely be available as a .com.

By the way - .COM is always the 1st choice when getting domain names. There are lots of reasons and some people will argue about this - but still - like it or not - people prefer .COM domains.

But .com, .net, .org or .us all all good choices. Just stay way from domains with dashes (such as ) and .biz and .info as those are often used by spammers and will be harder to get to rank in most cases. Aso - if you ever want to sell the domain you'll have amuch harder time if it is a .biz or .info or has dashes. Like it or not - that's the way it works!

Now - once you pick a good keyword phrase and see that domains are available - you can do more research to see what kinds of keywords you can target with articles and such.

Simply go to the Google and search their keyword tool to look for related phrases. You will find a TON of keywords you can target on a site like the one in my example for hearing impaired telephones. I looked up 4 keywords at the tool.

telephones for hearing impaired
telephones hearing impaired
hearing impaired phones
hearing impaired telephone

Here are the screen shots from the results for the 4 keyword phrases I just entered at the Google tool.

Look at all the GOLD in them there keywords! Also look at the additional words Google suggested:

Keep in mind these numbers are for exact. You could also use the default which is BROAD. I selected EXACT because I wanted to see the actual numbers for the "EXACT KEYWORDS". This is especially helpful for when you are looking for KEYWORDS to write articles for as they will make more SENSE than the BROAD matches which are often jumbled clusters of words and not often how people really talk.

So - there you have an example of how to use the keyword spreadsheets. Find a base keyword that gets a decent amount of traffic and/or high bid amounts for clicks and see if the domain is available to register. Then snoop around the Google Keyword Tool to see if there are related keywords you can also target. Sometimes you'll even find better keywords as you do your researching.

Now, in this example - there may or may not be related affiliate programs to promote - I usually consider that before buying a domain myself - but since the keywords have a high CPC you could probably do well with Adsense itself.

I hope you find that helpful!

Free Download >>> Sample Spreadsheet of Top 150 CPC Keywords (Excel Format Spreadsheet - right click and save to your hard drive - open in Excel or similar) - the highest paying keywords - please note Article Underground members get the complete list of keywords - this is just a sample excerpt.


OLDER SAMPLES - there has been a lot in between for members! This is just some of the stuff as a free peek.

New - Sept. 5, 2008! 53,490 of the Most Expensive Keywords! The latest list is a monster! Check out the video page which has links to the spreadsheet files! Click here!

New Video - learn how to use the Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool.

New! 11-2-06 Mike's personal keyword data!

See a sample from the 4 spreadsheets I just gave to members showing thousands of keyword phrases that actually got me adsense clicks! These words are low hanging fruit and are personally making me Adsense money. Sprinkle some of these words on your existing pages to get more free search engine traffic!

Please watch my video on Keyword Research

NEW! 10-10-06 - This all new spreadsheet is really the bomb with 6,247 keyword phrases that are made for us to make money with! In many cases simply adding one or two occurances on your web page will get you SIGNIFICANT additional traffic! Used in conjunction with a few well placed text links on our blogs these KEYWORDS reperesent GOLD!

HAVE a LOOK at a SAMPLE from the 6,247 golden keyword phrases!

The FULL VERSION is in the Article Underground Members Section


Here's a list of around 1,000 of Big $$$ Keywords

Download the Excel Spreadsheet Here with 1,000 Keyword Phrases from July!


More sample words:

Check out a sample list of 100 of our big money keywords!


New Free Tool!

Check your Keyword Density with our free
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