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This article & more at Topica Directory Don't Forget About Offline Advertising A lot of online based businesses forget about offline advertising. It is important to combine offline and online advertising together in your marketing campaign. You can market offline more effectively by targeting people that actually have access to the internet. In all your advertising you want to include your web site address, e-mail or autoresponder addresses, and the e-mail address to subscribe to your e-zine. Below are 10 offline marketing ideas: -Place classified or full page ads in print publications. The print publications should be computer or internet related. -Post flyers in stores. They could be computer stores, software stores, libraries etc. -Buy mailing lists and send direct mail. You should make sure that all the people on the mailing list are internet users. -Buy commercial time on T.V. They can be during shows that are targeted toward internet users. -Pass out your CD-ROM or diskette business cards at special events. It could be at trade shows, seminars, fairs, etc. -Set up a deal with another business that targets internet users. Pay the business to insert your business ads in their product packages. -Hold a free offline class and teach people how to use their computer or how to use the internet. You could have your web site on display as an example. -Do co-op mailings with other businesses. They should also be targeting people with internet access. -Give away free mouse pads. Put your advertising on the mouse pads and give them away at computer or internet events. -Advertise in card decks. The card deck you advertise in should be targeted toward internet users. You would also want to target your offline advertising to groups of people that will actually be interested in your product or service. If you're selling business books, you will want to market to business owners. In conclusion, if you have a business that's only based online, you don't want to market to people that don't have access to the internet.

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