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The keyword phrase the article was written for was MUSIC LICENSING. In less than 2 weeks the article is indexed at #7 on - pretty incredible considering the article was made as a sample so you could see it on an HTML page!

Some of the two word phrases that appear on the page:

music licensing - 10 - 1.77% - (G,Y,M) lyrics involved - 2 - 0.35% - (G,Y,M) licensing agreements - 2 - 0.35% - (G,Y,M) recently composed - 2 - 0.35% - (G,Y,M) mobile electronics - 2 - 0.35% - (G,Y,M) copyright law - 2 - 0.35% - (G,Y,M)

The secret to our articles effectiveness is the KEYWORD RESEARCH! Our articles are written from the ground up optimized for profitable keyword phrases. Many of our articles are 3 - 4 and even 5 words and longer!!!

Our articles are diverse and varied so you have the ultimate in variety, as opposed to being stuck with a handful of themes. Here a few file names to give you an idea of some of the kinds of articles you may be getting this month, or in future months as a member.

Check out a sample article written for the highly profitable, low competition 3 word keyword phrase
'consumer credit counseling". I put it on a web page so you could see it in context along with the Yahoo Publisher Network ads. Notice how it triggers relevant Yahoo ads. Alternatively this same article on a web page with Google Adsense ads >>> 'consumer credit counseling".

Here is the plain text file which is what we'll provide you with - 400 of these every month!
(note: PLR Articlesare delivered in zips so formatting is perfect. Internet Explorer doesn't show proper word wrap. Download a sample zip here.)

Check out the Keyword Density of the plain text file:
keyword density - consumer-credit-counseling.txt

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