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Article excerpt compliments of Topica Article Directory 5. You could give more details about the freebie. List the benefits, features, what problems the freebie will solve, etc. 6. You could describe your freebie to sound more attractive. For example, instead of "free report" you could say "free never released top secret document" 7. You could list testimonials for your freebie. Most businesses don't give testimonials for their freebies. This would defiantly increase your freebies value. 8. You could tell people how many people have already receive your freebie. For example, "15,000 people have already subscribed to my free e-zine! Can they all be wrong? These are only a few ways you can add value to your freebies. You could be creative and think up some other ways to increase the perceived value of your freebies. Also test each idea to see which one draws the most traffic to your web site.