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This article and more like it at Business Articles 8 Ways To Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Freebies Almost everyone is giving away a freebie so they can attract people to their web site. They are giving away free e-zines, ebooks, services, etc. What's happening to all this free stuff? It's loosing it's perceived value. Every time you surf the internet or check your e-mail you see at least 20 to 50 freebies offers. Don't get me wrong freebies do increase traffic, but not like they did when the internet was new. The key is to increase the perceived value of your freebies so they will be more attractive to your audience. How do you do this? Well, here are eight ways: 1. You could tell them what the freebie is worth with a dollar amount. For example, "Subscribe to my free e-zine! A $199 value!" 2. You could add other freebies to your freebie that will increase the value. For example, "Subscribe to my free e-zine and get free access to our "subscribers only" private web site!" 3. You could tell them the freebie is only available for a limited time. For example, " Download our free ebook, this free offer will only be available until May 30, 2000." 4. You could tell them the freebie is only available to a limited number of people. For example, " Our free software will only be available for the next 100 people that download it."